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Turn - Key Interior Design 

Creating a complete home can take as long as a year (or even longer for very large properties). Every detail is considered and the whole project is managed to provide a complete and cohesive home. 

The whole project is kept on track through excellent organisation and planning with all the worry and troubleshooting managed by Natalie so that when it is time to give the keys back -  all you do is walk into a perfect home. 


about Natalie

Natalie has been a successful interior designer for over 17 years and remains as passionate about it as ever. She is happiest on a building site where she can check that every last detail is being taken care of. 

Natalie loves working with clients to create beautiful spaces that will last for years. 

Crochet is another interest and Natalie wrote the book "Hip Crochet" in 2013. She is presently working on a second book. 

Her interest in design started when she began collecting perfect 1/12th scale miniatures. It has always been a way for Natalie to create any interior imaginable. 

Natalie lives and works in Cambridgeshire.