​Natalie Clegg  

Interior Design & Lifestyle

We will design:  

  • All the finishes
  • Structural changes 
  • All the rooms including Kitchens and Bathrooms 
  • Furniture - if something is not available 
  • Lighting, Sound and Technology
  • Curtains and other Soft Furnishings  

Where necessary we will hire professional consultants like architects to ensure that any changes to the building is undertaken correctly. All necessary planning permissions will be obtained.your paragraph here.

Maximalist, Traditional, Contemporary, Minimalist – Natalie designs to your style, or helps you to find the style that makes you the most comfortable. 

Natalie Clegg creates sophisticated, comfortable and liveable homes that suit you and your family.  

Always with great taste that is up to date and will last. Effortlessly fashionable yet timeless, you will enjoy your living or working space for many years to come.  

Natalie likes to bring warmth and opulence to any interior so that you feel happy - whether formal or informal. In each design Natalie likes to give it all that little bit more. The curtains are always a little bit fuller and the furniture a bit more eclectic. Always rich and layered, Natalie creates homes that simply make you feel happy.  

Commercial interior design is also undertaken where you want the hospitality of your business and it's branding to be obvious. We have undertaken work for both very large and much smaller companies. 

Call 01945 860294 for a discussion of what you, your family or your business needs.